lunes, 27 de octubre de 2008

Welsh Food


Most of Welsh Food it’s made by local ingredients.
The lamb is so popular here. Wales is also known by its sheep and lambs farms and it has a direct relation with its cuisine. The veal and bovine is also important in here, above all in Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire.

Some traditional dishes are Welsh cakes (small cooked cakes), crempogs (Pancake), Bara Brith (sweet bread with raisin), cawl (stew of lamb and sometimes leeks), Laverbread and toasted bread with melted cheese.

Wales also produce thin cheese, including Caerphilly and Fenni, Llanboidy, Red Devil and cheese of black bomber.

In Wales there’re more than twenty vineyard farm and some cities produce beer. Most of vineyards settled on 70’s but the older date from XIX century.

Laverbread Cawl

Crempogs Bara Brith

Welsh food is stranger and more original than Spanish food. We can see in Welsh food predominate vegetables and healthy ingredients.

lunes, 20 de octubre de 2008


Lostprophets is a Welsh band of alternative rock formed in 1997. Its first album, The Fake Sound Of Progress, was recorded in England by Visible Noise, after it was re-mastered by Columbia Records in USA, although they continue until today with their first discography house.

Lostprophets was formed in Pontypridd, next to Cardiff, in 1997. It was formed with separation of the hardcore band Public Disturbance, where Ian Watkins was drummer and Mike Lewis its last guitarist. Whit Watkins as singer, the band got Mike Chiplin as guitarist who after would be the drummer and other guitarist called Lee Gaze.

The Fake Sound Of Progress (November, 27, 2000). This album has a good guitar sound, a wonderful singer and correct songs but insipid.

Track list:

Obscure Intro
Shinobi Vs. Dragon Ninja
The Fake Sound Of Progress
Five Is A Four Letter Word
...And She Told Me To Leave
The Handsome Life Of Swing
A Thousand Apologies
Still Laughing
For Sure
Ode To Summer
The Lesson, Part One

Start Something (February,2, 2001) is the second album of Lostprophets. This album is produced by Eric Valentine.

Track list:

We Still Kill The Old Way
To Hell We Ride
Last Train Home
Make A Move
Burn, Burn
I Don't Know
Goodbye Tonight
Start Something
A Million Miles
Last Summer
We Are Godzilla, You Are Japan

Liberation Transmission (June, 26, 2006) is their third album. It was recorded in Hawaii and it was the first album without Mike Chiplin.

Track List:

"Everyday Combat" – 5:11
"A Town Called Hypocrisy" – 3:39
"The New Transmission" – 3:32
"Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)" – 4:11
"Can't Stop, Gotta Date with Hate" – 3:42
"Can't Catch Tomorrow (Good Shoes Won't Save You This Time)" – 3:36
"Everybody's Screaming!!!" – 3:52
"Broken Hearts, Torn Up Letters and the Story Of a Lonely Girl" – 4:04
"4:am Forever" – 4:27
"For All These Times Son, For All These Times" – 3:54
"Heaven for the Weather, Hell for the Company" – 4:13
"Always All Ways (Apologies, Glances and Messed Up Chances)" – 4:25

jueves, 16 de octubre de 2008



Excalibur is the legendary sword of King Arthur. Sometimes it is attributed with magical powers. Sometimes Excalibur and the Sword in the Stone are the same weapon but in most versions they are considered different. In Welsh the sword is called Caledfwlch.

There are some theories about its name’s origin. The most accepted is that its name comes from latin Ex Calce Liberatus( released from stone). Even if it is called of many different forms like: Caliburm and Caledfwlch
There are many stories of how Arthur becomes the master of that legendary sword.
Geoffrey or Monmouth says this sword was made in Avalon.

The Vulgata’s cycle tells Arthur receives the sword from a nymph called the Lady of Lake while we know another story. This story tells that Arthur got Excalibur from a stone and it was made by Merlin.

The most accepted tale is Arthur, dying, orders a knight to throw Excalibur into an enchanted lake. At first this knight didn’t do it but finally he did it. He is called Girflet Bedivere, Lanzarote…

When the knight throws the sword appears a hand, this one takes the sword and disappears in depths

Other stories tell that the sword rests next to the king and it is waiting for his return.